• Nail Dremel – Makes nails shorter and smoother! – $15
  • PlaqClinz – Professional tartar removal from teeth for fresher breath. $15
  • Nail Painting – $10
  • Hair Color- $5 and up
  • Skunk Treatment – $15
  • Flea + Tick Treatment – $20
  • Furminator Treatment – reduces shedding – $15 (gets rid of dead undercoat)
  • Feather Extensions- $5

At Once Upon A Grooming we use a line of shampoo made specifically for the professional dog groomer. The shampoo’s used consist of all natural pure ingredients and special botanical extracts. Our products are gentle, hypo-allergenic and non-irritating. We offer specialty shampoo’s such as:

  • Oatmeal
  • Medicated
  • Whitener
  • Conditioner
  • Skunk
  • Flea and Tick

but our basic shampoo is a ph balanced hypo-allergenic tearless formula. It adds lusture while removing deeply imbedded dirt without stripping the coat. Feel free to ask about which choice of shampoo would be best for your pet!