missyAt Once Upon A Grooming we only have one groomer and this is Elizabeth. All appointments are pre-scheduled to maintain a one on one basis with all the dogs. Which means when you drop off your pet, Elizabeth will be working on them the entire length of time they are at the shop! She will work with you to figure out the best type of grooming your pup needs, while keeping in mind their comfort and health. The shop has a walk in tub and grooming tables that lower to the ground, so no need to worry if your pet has any issues!  Kennel time is very limited when your dog visits, and we contact you as soon as they are finished with their spa day! The shop is kept very clean and all areas are disinfected often. We highly recommend pre-scheduling their next visit when you pick up your pet. This guarantees you get an appointment for what fits your schedule and ours!


*Every dog grooming includes nail clipping, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, bath and blow dry, teeth brushing and a finishing touch!

* Nail trims are Welcome! It is recommended that you call before coming in. $5 small dog  $10 large dog  $15 Nail Dremel